Winter CTTS 2017

Winter CTTS 2017

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2018 CTTS Training

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About the CTTS


The MAIN OBJECTIVES of the Century Technical Training School:
  • Ball Mastery:  Emphasis on each player working independently with the ball using both feet and all surfaces of the body.  Dribbling, juggling and footskills are the main focus of ball mastery. Repetition is the key!  
  • Passing and Receiving:  This will involve exercises to improve a player’s touch and increase accuracy.
  • 1 vs. 1 – Dribbling & Tackling:  Exercises which teach moves that can create space and be used to beat defenders as well as teaching proper defensive principles and tackling technique.
  • Finishing:  Exercises and games that teach proper techniques for finishing as well as nurturing instinctive play.
  • Heading and Winning 50/50 balls: emphasis on proper heading technique and winning balls in the air.
  • Speed, Agility and Quickness: total physical training to increase performance and prevent injury





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